Saturday, April 17, 2004

I'm building some threaded SOAP client GUI stuff in C#, and it's pretty fun. I'm interested to see how this model is going to work on the Symbol PPT 2846 unit I'm working with to build barcoding/SOAP connectivity. For the desktop portion of the system, things are working wonderfully.

I'd been doing some work with AppForge, but unfortunately, nobody seems to give a crap about those devices that I've held so dear, namely the Symbian OS (Nokia phones) and the good old Palm Pilot OS. Everybody in industry seems to be fixated on Microsoft based handhelds.

Scuba diving season is now upon us again. I'm hoping to go diving with a couple of buddies on the 25th. It will be great to get back in the water, and I don't care how damn cold it is. Bill Prince of Nordic Diver is starting to spam all the divers again. It's great to see him really cranking up the communications. I hope I spend lots of time on his boat this year. Hopefully one of the guys will bring a camera on the 25th so I can finally start posting some dive pictures.

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