Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Setup of Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager on Synology

This took me a while to find.  Hoping to spare you that time, I thought I'd share.

If you are installing the Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager on a Synology device running Docker, you'll note that you need to explore the container filesystem in order to locate a file named "admin.password" in order to log into the application as administrator and complete setup.

Getting to this file on the Synology is not particularly straightforward.

Also, the hints Sonatype provides for the file location is not correct, at least in my instance which is "Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager OSS 3.20.0-04".

To find the file:

  1. Establish an SSH connection to your Synology unit.
  2. Elevate your permissions using Sudo.
  3. Assuming your Docker instance is installed on volume1, change directories to /volume1/@docker/volumes
  4. You may see one or more subdirectories here.  I only had one, and the directory name is a long GUID.  Change to this directory.
  5. Notice that the important file named "admin.password" is located here, not where they tell you.
  6. use the command "cat admin.password" to list out the contents of the file.  The password will be quite long.
  7. Go back to your browser and log into your Sonatype instance using this password.
  8. Enjoy.
If any of this is unclear let me know and I will provide more instructions.

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